College Mentors

SYNERGY mentors are enthusiastic and caring individuals who believe in power of working together for social change. As college students we all know that the process of graduating from high school and enrolling in college was a journey we did with help from others, whether it was our parents, an inspiring teacher, or a personal mentor who kept us motivated. Now it’s our turn to give back!

SYNERGY students are paired with a college mentor who they will work with each week. Students and their mentors spend time working on homework, improving study skills, setting and achieving personal goals, exploring careers, and planning for college all while having fun and getting to know one another. Students also have opportunities to take field trips to colleges, participate in social outings, and participate in community service. All mentors are trained to use the skills you already have (i.e. the things that got you where you are today) to empower your mentee to achieve personal success.

All mentors are expected to attend each week and should notify their site coordinator and mentee as soon as possible when they will not be present. To join SYNERGY, please complete a background information form by clicking here



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